How BFR Works

Blood Flow Restriction Training [BFRT] defies the old scientific belief of NO PAIN NO GAIN. With BFR you can now can with less pain and in less time too. The use of BFR activates Muscle Hypertrophy with less load by creating muscle trauma due to lack of oxygen.

Let's understand it in detail:

1. Muscle Trauma: In- order to get bigger muscles you have to stress them enough to injure them which is achieved by adding resistance in exercise. Now the body starts its repair process and muscles are developed. BFR helps you by doing it while using less resistance thereby decreasing the load on ligaments and joints.

2. Oxygen Depletion: Our body needs more oxygen when we exercise and lack of oxygen leads to increase in lactic acid which leads to an increased stimulation of Muscle Hypertrophy. BFR restricts the outflow of blood through the veins and leads to oxygen depletion.

3. Cellular Swelling: When we exercise, blood flow increases in the muscle group which is being exercised. With the use of BFR we can restrict the ventricular outflow leading to the accumulation of blood which causes cell swelling. All this is achieved by putting very less load on the muscle group and by tricking it to experience and react to a heavy load situation.